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The Twisted Healing Road
Since the age of three, as an only child on a farm outside of Rome, I remember drawing animals and plants to escape from a hostile household. A copy of Raphael's Madonna del Granduca hung over my bed, and Raphael became (in my world of faired and wizards) my Prince Charming. I decided I would marry him. It didn't quite work out, since he was dead, and I eventually immigrated to the United States and married a Chinaman. Time passed, and the fear of starving as an artist subsided. With a six ton printing press in tow, I started in graphics. Soon I began using vitreous enamels and one day I enameled on of my less desirable etched copper plates. I had found basse-taille! It all went well until siliceous dusts started accumulating in my lungs, and I discovered my favorite colored frit had spent uranium in it.... The road ahead twisted again and I found myself training as a doctor. My training helped me to heal physically, but treating patients created high stress. Eventually, in order to heal emotionally and spiritually, I returned to art. Now here I am, without lead, silica, cyanide, sore muscles, or demanding patients. But with it came electromagnetic fields from the electronic and graphical equipment. One can never totally win. I once again feel the anticipation of discovery, of what lies beyond the next bend in the road. I know that I create the bends, wherever fancy goes, wherever healing thrives. Art, for me, is the translation of life into form. It creates a healing excitement - the excitement of creation. The pursuit of Art is the most healing endeavor I know, akin to a mystical experience. But the excitement is perhaps only due to stimulation of the temporal lobe. Can creation be looked at as the result of neuronal stimulation? I express with graphic symbols the insights I have gained from my works as a doctor, a psychotherapist, and observer of nature.