Art Resume
Fiammetta Rubin, MFA, ND

Born Rome, Italy

Educational Background

1949-53 - Liceo Artistico di Roma (Academy of Art)
1953-55 - University of Rome (Architecture)
1955-57 - University of Arkansas - B.A. in Art, Arch., Phil.
1957-59 - University of California, Berkeley - M.A. in Painting
1959-61 - University of Wichita, Kansas (Teaching Assistant) - M.F.A. in Ceramics & Metal
1961-63 - University of Iowa - Studied printmaking with M. Lasansky
1963-65 - Academy of Art (Rome) - Printmaking
1973-74 - Temple University, Tyler School of Art (Phila) - Enamels and Metals


1955-57 - Fulbright Exchange Scholarship
1957-58 - Woodrow Wilson National Fellowship
1956 - Doris Duke Foundation Fellowship

Prizes and Awards

1964 - Religious Art Exhibit (Rimini, Italy)
1965 - Young Italian Printmakers (Genova, Italy)
1959 - Richmond Art Center (California)
1967 - Southern Tier Arts and Crafts Exhibit (New York)
1971 - Iowa Crafts (Mason City, Iowa)

Exhibitions (Juried)

1960 - Springfield, Missouri Art Museum
1964 - Rimini Religius Art Exhibition
1965 - Genova Young Printmakers
1965 - Academy of Arts Traveling Exhibit (Uganda)
1966 - Oslo, Norway (Italian Printmakers)
1967 - Michigan Designer Craft sman
1967 - San Francisco Museum of Art (National)
1966, 67, 68 - Ann Arbor Art Association, Michigan
1967 - Flint Institute of Art, Michigan
1967, 69 - Kansas Designer Craftsman
1968 -Grand Rapids Art Museum, Michigan
1968 - Detroit Artist's Market
1968 - Rochester (Michigan) Festival of Arts
1968, 69, 71 - Southern Tier Arts and Crafts Exhibit (National)
1969, 70 - Rochester (New York) Festival of Religious Art
1970 - Enamels '70 (St. Louis; Missouri) National 1970
1970 - National Conference of Religious Art 1970
1970 - Fourth West Regional (Cedar Rapids (Iowa) Art Center
1972 - Lake Superior National Exhibit (Univ. of Wisconsin)
1972 - All Iowa - Des Moines Art Center
1973 - Symposium on Technology and the Artist Craftsman (National Invitational)

Memberships Past

Phi Beta Kappa Partners of the Americas
Italian Printmaker's Association Ames Society for the Arts - Board of Directo
Iowa Designer Craftsman (President)

One Person and Group Shows

1965 - Palazzo Doria Pamphili, Rome (Prints)
1968 - Lantern Gallery, Ann Arbor, Michigan
1971 - Prarie House, Springfield, Illinois
1972 - Smith Park Gallery, St. Paul, Minnesota
1975 - The Craft Alliance, St. Louis, Missouri
1975, 76, 77 - Craft Three, Four and Five, Langman Gallery, Jenkintown, Pa.
Spirit of the Earth Gallery (Exhibitions)
New Hope, Pennsylvania
1976, 77 - Art Alliance, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
1977, 79, 82 - Spring Street Enamels Gallery, Soho, New York,

Invitational Shows

1967 - Wesleyan College, Mt. Pleasant, Iowa
1968, 69, 70, 71 - Sholom Alechem Institute (Detroit)
1968, 69, 70, 71, 72 - Old Town Art Fair (Chicago)
1971, 72 - Milwaukee Festival of the Arts
1973 - A Comment on Contemporary Crafts (Univ of Wisc)
1975 - Enamels 75 Worcester, Massachusetts
1982 - Cooper Hewitt Museum Craft Show, New York

Teaching Experience

1961 - University of Wichita (Kansas)
1966, 67 - Department of Education, Ann Arbor, Michigan
1974 - Craft Center, Worcester, Massachusetts
1975 - Abington Art Center, Abington, Pennsylvania


1965 - Capitolium
1971 - Craft Horizon
1975 - Craft Horizon

Galleries that have exhibited my work:

Prairie House, Springfield, Illinois
Smith Park Gallery, St. Paul, Minnesota
Bibo Gallery of Art, Peoria, Illinois
Spirit of the Earth Gallery, New Hope, Pennsylvania
Langman Gallery, Jenkintown, Pennsylvania (My agent for Philadelphia, 1975-1983.)
Spring Street Enamels Gallery (Agent for N.Y.: 1978-1983.)
2003, 2004, 2005: Trade shows exibits at the National Stationary Show at the Javits Center, New York, NY - Presented Puzzles and Calenders for licensing
2011 - TSC (Toward a Science of Consciousness) My art was exibited at the University Of Stockholm as I also presented a paper about altered States of Consciousness.
2011 - Philadelphia Artist Open Studio Tours

Artists with whom I have studied:

Diego Barriviera
Lorenzo D'Ardia
David Park
Cameron Booth
Maricio Lasansky
Kenneth Bates
William Harper
Stanley Lechtzin

Medical Resume

Fiammetta Rubin

Born Rome, Italy


1986 - DOCTOR IN NATUROPATHY: Bernadean University, CA
1986 - CERTIFICATION IN ETHICAL HYPNOSIS: Harte System and Clinical Internship, NY
1959 - M. A.: University of California, Berkeley, CA (Woodrow Wilson National Fellowship for Philosophy)
1957 - B. A.: University of Arkansas at Fayetteville, AR (on a Fulbright exchange scholarship), architecture, art, philosophy
1955 - ASSOCIATE IN ARCHITECTURE: University of Rome, Italy

Professional Development and Training

1998 - PHYTOMEDICINES: Their Expanding Roles (Gaia, NC)
1998 - TIME-RISK IRIDOLOGY with Daniele Lo Rito (Irvine, CA)
1997 - SPIRITUAL HEALING with Hanna Kroeger (Boulder, CO)
1997 - ECOLOGY AND CONSCIOUSNESS (Schumacher College, Toteness, UK)
1996 - DEVELOPING ONE’S PSYCHIC GIFTS (A. R. E., Virginia Beach, VA)
1996 - Apprenticing in PSYCHIC SURGERY with Alex Orbito (Manila, Philippines)
1996 - BODY-ORIENTED PSYCHOTHERAPY, (Endicott College, MA)
1995-6 - PARAPSYCHOLOGY AND RELIGION with "Imago Mundi" (Innsbruck, Austria)
1994 - ASTROLOGY intermittently with Tish Pachman, and presently with Jacob Schwartz
1994 - SUBTLE ENERGY with Lutie Larson
1993 - DOWSING with Frances Farrelly (Dayton, OH)
1993 - CHINESE HERBS AND ACUPUNCTURE with Robert Flaws (Orlando, FL)
1993 - CHI KONG, Gautama Institute
1993 - BIOENERGETIC HEALING with Barbara Brennan (Long Island, NY)
1992-3 - SPIRITUAL MASTERY with Len Toye (Philadelphia, PA), 2 years
1992 - REIMS URINE AND SALIVA TESTING with Vita-Dell, Inc.
1991 - DAOIST MEDITATION with Dr. Larry Liu, (NJ)
1988-91 - RAY ACUPUNCTURE SYSTEM with John Ray (Lancaster, PA and Hawaii)
KIRLIAN PHOTOGRAPHY AND VEGA with Drs. H. Schimmel and H. Sauer (Curacao and Reno, NV)
SHAMANISM with Brandt Secunda (Mt. Shasta), CA
APPRENTICING with Chief Two-Trees (NC)
RAYID SYSTEM OF IRIS DIAGNOSIS with Denny Johnson (Boulder, CO)
1989 - VEGA-TESTING with Occidental Research Association (San Francisco, CA)
1988 - COLOR THERAPY with Dr. Morrison (Reno, NV)
1987 - FIVE PHASE ENERGETICS I & II: Human Integration Center, Nancy Post, Dpl. Ac.
CHINESE HERBS AND LIVER-COLON DIAGNOSIS with Dr. Ives Requena, New England School of Acupuncture (Watertown, MD)
CHINESE PULSE DIAGNOSIS with Dr. Leon Hammer, Gautama Institute
PSYCHODRAMA with Meg Givnish, Fairmount Institute (Philadelphia, PA)
SPIRITUALITY AND SEXUALITY with M. Kelsey, M. Wink, J. Wink (Auburn Theological Seminary, NY)
BRISTOL-MYERS SYMPOSIUM on Cancer Therapies: Fox Chase Center (Philadelphia, PA)
SHAMANISM AND HEALING with Michael Harner (Joy Lake, NV)
1987 - CRYSTALS & THEIR MAGNETIC PROPERTIES with Randall Bear (Joy Lake, NV)
IRIDOLOGY with Dr. Bernard Jensen (Escondido, CA)
CHINESE DIAGNOSIS AND HERBOLOGY I & II with Michael Tierra (Santa Cruz, CA and Moose, WY)
HERBOLOGY AND CANCER with Evelyn Snook (Milbrook, PA)
CHINESE HERBOLOGY with Ted Kapchuk (Philadelphia, PA)
CYMATICS TRAINING with Dr. Peter Guy Manner, (Bretforton, UK)
1986 ORIENTAL DIAGNOSIS I & II with Ashley Wiper, Dpl. Ac (Gautama Institute)
SHIATZU with Lelia Wah and Ron Kornfeld, Philadelphia
A STUDY IN THE NEW THERAPIES with L. Prendegast, Ram Dass, B. Siegel, S. Grof, C. Grof, G. Luce, (1 year) at Creative Energy Options (Springhouse, PA)
BIOENERGETIC MEDICINE [a congress in the use of magnetism, color, sound, Kirlian Photography and other electromagnetic frequencies] with Dr. P. G. Manners, Dr. B. Nordenstrom, Dr. W. Ludwig, and others (Burbank, CA)
SEMINARS IN HOMEOPATHY with R. Murphy, F. Ezaiga, V. Candegabe, sponsored by the National Institute of Homeopathy (Washington, DC)
1985 - BIOFEEDBACK TRAINING with Dr. F. Echenhofer
AMERICAN HERBS with Ellen Hopman, M. H.
Many seminars in NUTRITION AND DISEASE PREVENTION with Drs. J. Bland, H. Neiper, J. Ribeiro, A. Gaby, K. Donsbach, and others. Research in COMPARING THE FUNCTIONAL PARAMETERS BETWEEN PSYCHICS AND SCHIZOPHRENICS (Elizabethtown, PA)
HOMEOPATHY at the National Institute of Homeopathy (Washington, DC)
Intensive Training in GESTALT THERAPY at Bucks County Gestalt Institute (Langhorne, PA)
1984-5 - Study of ART PSYCHOTHERAPY at Hahnemann University (Philadelphia, PA)
1984 - Seminars in ORTHOMOLECULAR PSYCHIATRY with the directors of the Schizophrenia Foundation (New York, NY)
1984 - RELAXATION MANAGEMENT AND THE HEALING PROCESS with Dr. Marilyn Rossner, Elizabethtown College (Elizabethtown, PA)
1984 - BRAIN LATERALITY with Jean Houston (Philadelphia, PA)
1984 - SENSORY APPARATUS DEVELOPMENT WITH THE HANDICAPPED with Carol Ann Liaros, Elizabethtown College (Elizabethtown, PA)
1983 - TRAINING IN PSYCHIC DEVELOPMENT with Marilyn Rossner, (Philadelphia, PA)
1983 - SHAMANIC JOURNEYING with Alberto Villoldo, Omega Institute (New York, NY)
1983 - PALM READING with Betsy Hoffman, (Philadelphia, PA)
1983 - SPIRITUAL AND PSYCHIC FOCUSING with Margie and Packard Laird, and Ruth Green, (Philadelphia, PA)
1983 - RESEARCH IN DREAMS AND CLAIRVOYANCE, A.R.E. with Stanley Krippner and Montague Ullman, (Virginia Beach, VA)
1980 - SEANCE RESEARCH with Pat and Paul Fenski, (Wyncote, PA)

Work Experience

1998 - Invited to exhibit at the Healthy Living and Alternative Health Expo at the Civic Center (Philadelphia, PA)
1993-8 - Research in Bioenergetic Systems, the role of the Mind and Consciousness in Healing and Disease
1994 - Teacher, "Bioenergetic Medicine" at the Forsyth Foundation (Quakertown, PA)
1992 - Speaker, State of Maryland Conference on Addictions
1991 - Exhibitor, San Diego Whole Health Expo on "Spiritual Healing" (San Diego, CA)
1990-1 - Teacher, seminars in the Health Perspective Program at Rosemont College
1986-91 - Teacher and Practitioner in Bioenergetic Systems, Chinese Medicine, Shamanic Systems and Naturopathic Medicine
1982-6 - Consultant, Hypnosis and the Creative Process
1971-3 - Consultant, Death and Dying, Abortion, and Penal Reform at Campus Ministry (Ames, IA)
1970-2 - Consultant and Implementor for the Appalachia Rehabilitation Committee, working with the School Sisters of St. Francis (Williamsburg, KY)
1962-70 - Creative Programs Director at Northminster (Ames, IA) and Appalachia Committee (Williamsburg, KY)
1966-9 - Art Therapy with Senior Citizens with the Department of Social Services and Rehabilitation (Ann Arbor, MI)
1963-5 - Art Therapy and Printmaking in conjunction with the Academy of Art (Rome, Italy)
1962-3 - Instructor, Art History, State University of Kansas (Wichita, KS)


1996-8 - Researching with Beverly Rubick, Ph. D., the effects of healing during patient sessions with Ostad Hadi Parvarandeh, an Iranian healer residing in Los Angeles, in Philadelphia, PA – Vega Testing and Kirlian Photography were applied to the patients’ hands before and after the healings. The change, as picked up by the instrumentation, was very noticeable.
Research in the pH variability related to stress and nutrition, on myself.
Research of the correlations between P. K., clairvoyance and the modulation of emotions in the focusing process preceding the phenomena.

Past Professional Memberships

Acupuncture Society of Pennsylvania
Oriental Healing Arts Institute (O.H.A.I.), CA
Associate in the Institute for Frontier Science, CA
Association for Ethical Hypnosis, NY


Fiammetta Rubin was on a proposal for community health care, which she intended to present at the Civic Center Exhibit in Philadelphia, PA, November 1998. A manual called "Diagnosis" covered all the known, non-invasive methods of diagnosing. She was proposing that licensed health care professionals become experts with these methods. "As a community shall hire the professionals with a mutually agreeable salary, the said professionals shall diagnose whoever in the community is in need, prescribe herbal and nutritional supplements and lifestyle changes, and order the supplements from the distributors while passing on to the members of the community the wholesale prices. This shall cut the costs of Alternative Health Care and make it very available to the less privileged, while educating them about their possible wellness." Seminars and training for professionals were being planned for 1999. Fiammetta B. Rubin was applying for grants for a pilot community project involving her system of Health Diagnosis and Health Care.

As a naturopath (Doctor in Natural Healing) she only utilized non-invasive healing agents: air, water, food, light, color, sound, movement, touch and electromagnetism in its various forms.

Fiammetta Rubin is in the process of writing a book on her personal development in healing.