Haikus: A Winter Nights Dream About Words
My daughter and I were engorged with laughter as I decided to make myself and Google happy in order to increase words denoting emotions and humor. Here are the funky thoughts about pictures once connected with the haikus.
  • Three is the word
    that rhymes with tree,
    and tree is life.
  • Swinging and kicking
    They all ran
    With the crowd
  • In a gold suit
    Made of blooming armor
    From my yellow hyacinth
  • It rose from the waves
    As a palpable flower
    Garnished with foam and desire
  • You little trembly genie
    Have climbed inside my heart
    Asking me to shelter you from grief
  • There is a donut with an empty hole
    Which turned so green
    Because I would not eat it
  • My anger surged
    The brandished knife
    Cut off the flower from your stock
  • The wispy flutter of a butterfly
    Sitting on
    The Urchin's mind
  • And there it was
    The anger of the mob
    Deflowering the defenseless child
  • Pride lingers
    Erect in the mind
  • Tweedle tweedle
    Tweedle dum
    You are dancing in a slum
  • His heart exploded
    Out of indignation
    As I left
  • The monster eyed me
    With it's sunken eyes
    As I stood and cried
  • It beckoned me with a sad eye
    To come near
    And caress it
  • There was a miser
    Once upon a time
    Who poured hot coffee into his waxen mug
  • The Moon decided to go
    Into the Underworld
    To search for fungi
  • The fluff was bright, tasty and kind
    As I spat mud
    Into it's face
  • There was an alter as I stood
    Embraced by leaves
    While magnolia bloomed
  • Satan in boldness shone
    Covered with snow
    Upon the jagged earth
  • The stalks of envy
    Green with passion
  • The lines that matter
    Are the ones
    Growing above your eyes
  • Three teddy bears hid in a bush
    Until Mama came and
    Swatted them
  • Daisies holding their ground
    In front of the
    Fenced-in castles
  • Smile my dear
    It's summer time
    But there's an icepick hidden in your heart
  • The words escaped
    And left the clivia with
    The remnants of their song
  • I meditate when life is just
    Too dull to bear
    And I escape
  • The trumpets droned
    Into the night
    "Here is the messiah!"
  • A skeleton approached me
    In the night
    It had lost it's site
  • There was pain deep in my heart
    As the bush sprung from
    My Desire
  • Moonshine so hot and cool
    When Gin
    Purses through my mind
  • It happened in my dream
    To see an elf green
    Surrounded by tiny sheep
  • There is a nightmare shining through my eyes
    It made me blind and
    I can't see